Location based fire alarms

Flexilarm is a unique service that sends fire alarm alerts from public buildings directly to your mobile phone and smartwatch.

"Fire detection Regulations for fire detection for the hearing impaired should be clearly regulated in our society. We are working towards ensuring that both the Building Act and the Fire Protection Act include regulations in regard to alerts for the hearing impaired. It is important to consider whether we should complain about buildings that do not have alerts for the hearing impaired to the Equality Ombud for this is discrimination against a large group."

Sissel Gjøen

Advisor, NDF
The solution

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health estimates that 14.5% of the population is hearing impaired. This means that many will not be able to hear the traditional auditory alert of a fire alarm and must rely solely on a tactile or visual alert. The increasing number of our aging population necessitates that a future solution to this problem is growing. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. Why not use the mobile phone to receive fire alarm alerts in order to solve this problem?