Flexilarm is a unique service that sends fire alarm alerts from public buildings directly to your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Alerts

With Flexilarm public buildings can alert anyone in the immediate vicinity of a fire alarm. Flexilarm can be used in concert with the traditional sound based warning system both through visual alerts coupled with a vibration alert to assist the hearing impaired.

Auditory Alerts have their limitations

A sound based fire alarm does not have the same range in all environments. Disturbances can affect the ability of the sound to travel and different materials and surroundings can impact the sound. With Flexilarm, everyone in the vicinity will be notified. In this way, those in the environment will be alert and able to assist should there be a fire.

Register your building or contact us

By registering your public buildings you give all those who use your buildings to be notified in case of a fire. If you have any questions about connecting your building please contact us at hello@flexilarm.com.

Flexilarm has no complicated pricing models. You pay simply a connection fee and a monthly subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the service is free for all who sign up to receive messages.

The service works on all iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play.

When a fire alarm goes off in one of Flexilarm’s registered buildings all mobile telephones in the vicinity will receive the fire alarm notification from the app. An overview of what buildings are registered can be found in the map function of the app. Flexilarm can also give detailed information on what area of the building the fire is in.

Flexilarm - location based fire warning- is for any member of the public who wishes to be notified of fires in their nearby surroundings. The service is a supplement to an audio based fire alarm. The service is specially designed for the hearing impaired individual that has the need of both tactile and visual alerts. Flexilarm also acts as a supplement to an ordinary fire alarm when an audio-based alarm is not sufficient.

No, the application uses very little of your phone’s battery.

Fire systems in buildings are regularly tested and need regular maintenance. Occasionally, alarm systems will be tested to ensure proper connection with 110 central offices. Fire testing will often occur with the alarm bell switched off so that there is no sound. If the buildings fire personnel have forgotten to turn off flexilarm during such tests you will receive a notification.

You can update the application from the AppStore or Google Play like all other apps.

Yes, otherwise the application will not function properly.

When your phone receives the alert it was notify you with a unique sound, vibration and display detailed information about the name of the building and the address.

Yes, Flexilarm functions everywhere in the world that there are buildings connected to our service.

Yes, your phone must be connected to your providers network or WIFI in order to receive notifications. You do not need to be connected to a buildings network in order to receive an alert for that building.

An overview of which buildings are connected to our service can be found on the map in the app. In addition most buildings that are connected will have a Flexilarm sign visible and their main entrances.